Léonard Combier is a 25 year-old French painter and illustrator living in Paris. He started drawing by himself when he was a child and never stopped...

He works mainly with ink on paper or with acrylic paint and Poscas on canvas. 

At first sight, his canvases seem like a big clutter, but when the spectator comes closer, he progressively dives in the artwork to go beyond the obvious foreground and discovers an infinity of hidden details dispersed for him. With this attention to detail – taken to the extreme – the artworks of Léonard Combier are made to be explored. They display an abundance of small characters and catch phrases popping up from everywhere. There is an undeniable dose of dark humor and assumed sexuality, which is never intended to be shocking, only irreverent. 

"My goal here is to amuse the spectator and to take him into my world. I want to make out of each artwork a maze, in which ones like to wander and discover all the nooks and crannies".

His work has been exhibited in several galleries in Paris and Berlin, and published in many magazines or websites.